|| About Me ||

I’m an ordinary girl.
Sometimes I get so weird, I even freak myself out.
Sometimes I can do anything to make me feel alive.
because If I look, I will see, that this world is a beautiful ! ^_^
So, Let down your defences!
Use no common sense! lol

i want to be something different from another people. lol
whatever with all people said about me.
b’coz I can’t become others. it’s really annoying! XD

i’m simple, don’t care what will happen with all i did.
i’m loyal. Yeah, that’s true! i can’t love more than one people.
hmmmm… i love music. hehe.. b’coz, without music, this world is worse!
And once again, i hate the rule!
i know what i do.
So please let me be free…
Parents, you’re my inspiration. without you, i can’t live. ^^


2 Responses to || About Me ||

  1. 이차 icha イチャ says:

    hello^^ my name is icha.
    and you? rani? #like ur blog name?
    mm… glad to be friends with u^^

  2. ranianggita says:

    Ya, i’m Rani.
    Nice to meet u Icha ^^
    How do u know my blog?

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