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Have you ever heard of “Sales exhibition for Cosplay photos”? In Japan, the sales exhibitions for Cosplay photos are very popular among people who loves cosplayers. Basically the event holds at a small venue because the cosplayers organize the events on their own in most of the case. The benefit for attendees are they can meet and talk Cosplayers, take their photo and then purchase their photo data in DVD-ROM. For Cosplayers, they get a chance to sell their photos to their fans. Since they are closed events, some cosplayers shows too much….but it’s a different world I’m not in.

Japanese cosplayer funs are very enthusiastic about collecting the Cosplayer’s photo. In the DVD-ROM, you can enjoy some specific cosplayer photo on your own which are not on the internet. They think that they are special photos only for me….:). I think the DVD-ROM is a great idea for both…

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