Is Otaku spouse hunting successful?

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It is difficult to translate from Japanese to English directly sometime. Otaku and Spouse hunting are words we’re straggling to explain the words explicitly. According to Wikipedia, here is the explanations.

Otaku – Otaku (おたく/オタク) is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly (but not limited to) anime and manga.

Spouse hunting is a type of activity to look for spouse when you really want to get married. We call the spouse hunting “Kon-katsu”. Kon comes from marriage (Kekkon) and Katsu does from an activity (Katsu-do). So you know, Japanese is very tricky language sometime:).

Generally speaking, Otaku people are so shy that it is difficult to find a girlfriend/boyfriend. Then some organization provides a place and chance to meet Otaku girls and Otaku boys for their marriage in the future. Interestingly, 50% of people who attend the events are able to find their partner…

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